A sneak peek to behind the scenes.

Who we are.

We are suprtrue – founded by the Munich design agency “Packaging Circus GmbH” and their long-standing business partner and senior programmer from Hamburg. Our team consists of strategists, brand experts, designers, engineers, programmers and UI/UX specialists with a total of more than 20 years of experience in the design world and packaging industry – even if you don’t look at us many years 🙂

If anyone knows the challenges and problems of product development that you have to face and when it comes to choosing and developing the right packaging, then it’s definitely us. Especially when the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the packaging industry. Many brands want to be pioneers in this field, present and package themselves in an environmentally friendly way – if only the topic were less complex, opaque and time-consuming for them. And that’s where we come in. By digitizing the packaging development process, we make it easier for you to achieve your vision and desired packaging. And that means:

  • without making time-consuming inquiries and having to contact several suppliers independently
  • without having to invest in development and tooling costs
  • with immediate price and product transparency
  • with design upload function
  • with individual configuration options
  • with a qualitatively and visually appealing selection


We follow current trends and put together packaging collections that YOU really need and want. It’s very easy: follow our individual design steps and you’ll reach your goal with just a few clicks or send us a request for an individual design development – we’d be happy to be your packaging crew and stand by your side.

Our vision:

From our many years of experience in the packaging industry, we know that what this industry has to offer needs to be improved and made more accessible to everyone. Especially with regard to a future-oriented, sustainable offer that you as a committed brand can benefit from and lay the foundation for a more environmentally friendly approach — because for the vision of a more sustainable future to work and the circular economy to be strengthened, everyone has to pull together . We together with you. For this reason, we give you the necessary tips on the subject of disposal and help you to put them into practice. In a cycle, it only really starts again at the end. With an eye on trends and innovations on the market, we regularly sit down with producers to develop meaningful, appealing and sustainable packaging designs and innovations. Always with an eye on the ecological footprint and the possibility that the packaging can be recycled at the end (made for recycling).

Let’s get started together and put something great “on the shelf”. Let’s be supreme together!

Your suprcrew Sandra, Laura, Florian, Eli, Patrizia & friends.

We aim to use as little material as possible and to minimise the use of artificial substrates as much as possible.

The majority of our packaging is made from – either paper, natural, recycled or manufactured for recycling materials.

We provide advice therefore companies approach the issue of packaging design consciously.

We give tips on how to dispose of packaging. This is important, because this is the only way that waste can become a resource again and a cycle can develop.

We work with suppliers from Europe in order to be able to guarantee short transport routes for your productions in Europe.


suprtrue is characterised with enthusiasm for clever design solutions.
We research and assemble convincing packaging approaches for the European market, create meaningful and attractive collections and work together with future oriented manufacturers in order to be able to offer a diverse selection. In the first step we offer paper products such as folding boxes, sleeves cans and labels and innovative materials on request.


We want to make practical and sustainable packaging easier and more accessible for everyone and to highlight the topic of sustainability from all perspectives. Additionally, we make sure to always update our range and expand it with innovative products.


Do you want to be an industry game changer? We are open to innovative approaches and thrilling ideas that pave a path to a healthy packaging future. In addition, we are looking for cross industry cooperation partners to be able to share stories and create events on the topic of packaging and sustainability.

  • Let's cooperate.
  • Let's be suprtrue
  • together.

We want to break with conventional routines and build a new way through attractive and intelligent design. In particular, through open communication, together we can develop our packaging into reality.