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To ensure the quality of our products, we work with open minded companies that want to lead the industry into a sustainable future. Take a look at our current material options and get an idea of how our suppliers work.

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Our well thought-through packaging collection makes it easier for brands and companies to pack their products consciously and stylishly. The design upload function also allows for individual branding.

The Various Paper types at a glance.

Enviro Clever U

Weight: 300/400 g/m2
Surface: matt uncoated
Feel: smooth
Color: bright white (CIE WHITE 135)
Stability: 4/5

Blauer Engel
FSC® certified (FSC-C002321)

Enviro Clever is a part of our new collection of recycled paper. It is 100% made from recycled fibers without compromising on quality. Enviro Clever combines the highest white and unique printability, the ecological production process significantly limits the environmental impact by using biomass energy avoids the bleaching of the fibers through chlorine and generates little waste.

Vivus Grass Paper

Weight: 300 g/m2
Surface: uncoated
Feel: leicht angeraut
Color: beige mit ganz leichtem Grünstich
Stability: 3/5

FSC® Mix certified (FSC-C018175 ab Lager)

The wood-free Vivus Grass Paper consists of FSC certified pulp and a grass content of up to 40% with its 1.4 fold volume. Vivus Grass Paper combines a noble look with a natural haptic experience. The natural look is especially popular when packing natural products, but it creates an interesting contrast with luxury and lifestyle products too.

Muskat Craft Paper

Weight: 300 g/m2
Surface: uncoated
Feel: samtig
Color: wunderschönes Muskat-Braun
Stability: 4/5

FSC® certified

Muskat craft paper is a statement. The expressive recycled paper made from 100% recycled fibers looks high-quality and impresses with a pleasantly rough surface. As well as a unique colour – a beautiful nutmeg brown with grey colour accents. In combination with other paper elements such as a label it makes a beautiful contrast.

Gmund Used 2

Weight: 350 g/m2
Surface: uncoated
Feel: leicht angeraut
Color: tiefschwarz
Stability: 4/5

Gmund Eco-Certificate
FSC® certified (FSC-C006462)
Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver

The high-quality and environmentally friendly design paper comes with a history. Gmund Used 2 is made from 100% recycled paper. A DIP Recycling pulp is used in the process. This is how discarded paper is recycled again. A smart cycle with maximum fiber utilisation and high strength. Gmund Used 2 will not be printed on directly, but it can be endowed with a label. Supreasy and suprsustainable.

Our Labels:

Weight: 80 g/m2
Surface: uncoated
Feel: geschmeidig
Color: natürliches weiss mit dezentem Graustich

Consists of 100% waste paper (post-consumer waste) and is produced without chlorine. The upper material is made of FSC certified recycled paper and can be recycled again.


Weight: individuelle Größen
Surface: natürliche Optik
Feel: zwei Ausführungen, von natürlich rau bis flauschig weich
Color: egg shell / off-white
Eigenschaft: wärme-/ kälteisolierend und schützende Funktion

Mushroom vs Plastic – in individual and organic forms. With its high impact resistance, the fungi insert protects sensitive products such as glass. The biodegradable material is a natural thermal insulator. It keeps warm products warm and cool product cool. In addition, a custom-made inlay or packaging shape can be realised.

A packaging not only communicates through text, but also through the material, the colour, the reflection of the surface. You choose your favorite material.

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