Fungi is the future and has the potential to replace plastic packaging.

Unbox the suprtrue way

Unbox the suprtrue way with less products, less packaging, more commitment!

With this naturally beautiful packaging, products made of glass and other delicate materials have a safe journey. The inlay, developed for the beauty brand The Skinfluencer, is made of mycelium (mycelium), a natural and biodegradable fungal material. It is a perfect fit for forward-thinking companies that want to be pioneers and use fewer but more functional products.
The Skinfluencer shows how it’s done and values ​​a high-performance cult product. A simple solution to the complex issue of skin. A product that works. Your daily go-to, or in other words, 3-in-1 skincare with clinical results. Anti-aging treatment. Moisturizer and barrier protection.

The Skinfluencer credo stands for a new brand philosophy that runs through all areas: “As much as necessary, as little as possible. It starts with the ingredients and ends with the packaging: Consciously selected ingredients, local production in Munich laboratories and recyclable, partially biodegradable packaging.”
With the latter you refer to your innovative insert variant made of mycelium.

Fantastic mushrooms: why mushroom instead of plastic inlay?
Mushrooms have many properties that can help us make better products. They expand and weave into shapes that maximize surface area and load-bearing capacity while wasting little energy. These root networks grow naturally and withstand enormous internal and external pressures. Mushrooms are therefore real top performers and have great future potential. The packaging and fashion industry, but also other industries, can take advantage of this opportunity. Stella McCartney sees the potential of fungi and has already developed collections made from vegan mushroom leather.


Project: The Skinfluencer packaging including label design and set / shipping packaging.

Customer: The skinfluencer
Year of construction: 2022
Agency: Packaging Circus GmbH x suprtrue